Our Startups Are Changing the World

"InVivo Therapeutics got a fresh $13 million in funding this week from Spencer Trask. If human trials are successful, InVivo would be offering the first commercial spinal cord treatment for humans."
— Fast Company

The Cure for Paralysis?

"For centuries, lawyers have ranked cases by how often other cases cite them, much the way Google ranks Web site search results." Fastcase's online legal database uses the same logic."
— Forbes

Mobile Legal Search

"OpenTable soars, best IPO debut in 18 months."
— Reuters headline

Mobile Social

"Nearly $4 billion in private capital...this includes $1.5 billion from Ultra Capital to finance decentralized and scalable water-management solutions..."
— Office of the Press Secretary, The White House

Solve Water Challenges

"Frost figures the drug’s revenue potential could be about $100 billion, leapfrogging the pharmaceutical industry’s all-time bestseller, Pfizer Inc.’s cholesterol medicine Lipitor."
— Bloomberg Business

Biopharmaceutical Company

"The electronic industry is in the midst of a major paradigm shift: novel form factors are emerging ranging from limited flexibility to ultra-elastic and conformable electronics."
— Research and Markets

Smart Fabric

"I wanted a program that was flexible, affordable, and demonstrates the ability to produce professionals in the field...I found Sessions College to meet these needs so I can reach my goal..."
— Justin Ashley
Web Design Associate's degree program - Online Education

"Forrester believes that Emerson Network Power is one of the most dominant suppliers in the DCIM market as it exists today."
— Richard Fichera
Vice President and Principal Analyst - Forrester Research, Inc.

The Center Of the Cloud Data Center

"...we have a partnership with InnoCentive, and we’re trying out crowd-sourcing platforms for solving problems in the social space…What amazing leverage: half a million to unleash $528 million."
— Judith Rodin
CEO Rockefeller Foundation

Open Innovation

"Ciena pioneered the ability to create virtual fiber. Without that [the Digital Age] wouldn’t have happened.
— Gary Smith
CEO, Ciena Corporation

The Internet

"HE BUILT THE FIRST GENOMICS FIRM that discovered the breast cancer gene. It remains a leader in molecular diagnosis."


"HE CHANGED THE HEALTHCARE DEBATE and gave Congress and the Obama administration a blueprint for practical reform."

Evidence-Based Medicine