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Join the Spencer Trask Angel Network. Help launch, finance and build great new companies.

The Spencer Trask network of private investors and business leaders supports the dreams of scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs. We stand behind obsessive missionaries—people with visionary ideas and ground-breaking technologies that help people.

Our unique business approach employs social networking platforms to solve business problems. Spencer Trask brings together angels, business leaders, and entrepreneurs into an Network of Angels where early-stage big ideas are transformed into great companies.

This network has grown some of the most influential companies of our times. Our history of achievement should give committed entrepreneurs, advisors and investors the confidence to join our Angel Network to support the big ideas that will shape the 21st century.

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Active Challenges: 7

Award Total: $105,000

Sample Challenges:
+ Earn $20,000 by referring a Chairman of the Board
+ Earn $10,000 by referring an Advisory Board member

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