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Tap your network to build a new company through open innovation

Spencer Trask Value Creation Challenges are opportunities for individuals to earn rewards by helping to build early-stage companies. Anyone can participate and all it takes is a network of people you think might contribute as executives, advisors, distributors or clients.

Value Creation Challenge Status

Current Challenges
Active Challenges: 7
Award Totals: $105,00

Sample Challenge 1:
Earn $20,000 by referring
a Chairman of the Board

Sample Challenge 2:
Earn $10,000 by referring
an Advisory Board member

At any given moment, Spencer Trask is incubating numerous early-stage companies and as they grow, their need for world-class participants becomes more vital. Many companies have technical challenges related to their products or service offerings that need resolution from knowledgeable scientists and engineers. While specific technical knowledge often helps, many challenge solvers come from outside the industry and bring a new perspective to the problem.

Working closely with its portfolio companies, Spencer Trask identifies these needs and translates them into challenges that are posted on the Spencer Trask Ventures, Inc. website. In addition, technical challenges are posted with InnoCentive, the world’s largest problem solving marketplace and a Spencer Trask portfolio company.

Winners of challenges receive awards in the form of cash or warrants to purchase equity in early stage companies.

See what challenges Spencer Trask companies are offering today and register online to become a solver -- or call your Venture Advisor at (212) 326-9200.


Active Challenges: 7

Award Total: $105,000

Sample Challenges:
+ Earn $20,000 by referring a Chairman of the Board
+ Earn $10,000 by referring an Advisory Board member

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