Kevin Kimberlin

Co-founder and Chairman of Spencer Trask & Co. He discovered several major advances in cancer and helped start the ventures that developed them into landmark products in cellular therapy, immunotherapy and genomic medicine.

These include:

1). the breast cancer gene BRCA1, widely recognized as a breakthrough in cancer;

2). the first lab-based companion diagnostic approved for use with a cancer DNA-repair blocker (the PARP inhibitor for ovarian cancer and the first drug approved by BRCA-mutated breast cancer);

3). the first approved immune-based cellular-therapy (sipuleucel-T);

4). the technical foundation that enabled the manufacturing of the first FDA approved gene therapy (the CAR-T Kymriah), and

5). the world’s first approved allogenic stem cell drug (remestemcel-L).

As a founding shareholder in Bob Langer’s first company, drug delivery pioneer Enzytech (merged to form Alkermes), Kimberlin saw how lipid nanoparticles protected the Covid 19 vaccine at Langer’s Moderna. Vessleon uses the same principle with the Imagent lipid microspheres. This protects the drug from the body and the body from the drug.

His experiences in drug discovery and delivery drew him to help launch Vesselon to focus on solving the three main problems facing oncology.

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