The important thing, the absolutely vital thing that Spencer Trask does, and promises to do in the future is DISCOVER breakthroughs like these — before anyone else on the planet. And we promise to INSPIRE more great people like these who have the desire and the ability to take on grand, massive challenges.

So Spencer Trask offers: A legacy that attracts mavericks with unorthodox ideas; a legacy that inspires fearless change agents to build their missions. A legacy of assisting, at the birth and early development – when experience and determination really count. We helped make our discoveries practical, which is what matters most….building mere ideas into transformative leaders — from the idea stage to the world stage as we say.

This is also when the potential to create Net Worth is great. As evidence, our management team co-founded or first funded eleven (11) startups that grew to become worth more than a billion dollars. Their aggregated peak market caps exceeded $128 billion.

Last, we choose life-supporting breakthroughs with the potential to alleviate suffering, save lives and connect people — we select them by their Networthiness, in a word. “To move evolution along” as Jonas Salk said. By adhering to these principles, our ventures have improved the wellbeing of millions of people as they carried the human family into a better future. Our collective future has been irreversibly altered and improved by the world-changing transformations that these ventures made manifest.

Net-net, Spencer Trask generates both net worth and net worthiness with ventures that offer the double-bottom line potential — both investment and social returns. See and hear the testimonials for yourself from some of the giants of our time…….and, as you can see, they were satisfied that they did!!