Discovering Bright Ideas

Mr. Spencer Trask ran the first electric lighting business

100 years later…

Spencer Trask & Co. founded the laser light venture that powers the Internet today

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We discover big ideas and help transform them into world-changing companies.


Our ventures have created livelihoods and technologies that have saved tens of thousands of lives and changed the world for millions.

Our innovators have delivered net worth and net-worthiness.

Lighting up the World

Edison’s invention of the incandescent light bulb – the very symbol of a bright idea – was supported by Mr. Spencer Trask, the president of the world’s first electricity company.

Lighting up the Internet

Gordon Gould invented the laser. His firm, David Huber and Spencer Trask & Co. founded the first mass capacity light amplification company that deployed the technology powering the Internet.

Leading the Immunotherapy Revolution

The immune based cell therapy developed and tested by our venture with Dr. Jonas Salk became the first FDA-approved cancer vaccine.

Democratizing the Law

To democratize the law, our venture with Ed Walters merged with its overseas counterpart to form the first global legal database.

Protecting Supply Chains with AI

Following the merger with our AI platform, Jennifer Besciglie’s venture became the first real-time supply chain risk monitoring company, and also a unicorn.

Saving Women's Lives

The first genome company, our venture with Dr. Walter Gilbert (discovered the BRCA) and redirected medicine from treating symptoms to predicting and preventing the very cause of the disese.

Leading the Stem Cell Revolution

The stem cell discovery by Dr. Arnold Caplan became the first approved cell drug.

Building a More Inclusive Financial System

Beginning with our inclusive crowdfunding platform, Ryan Feit exchanged ownership with the creator of the first USDC, the global internet money system that has facilitated $10T in transactions.

Harnessing Food as Medicine

Our mobile app for metabolic syndrome, Stefany Shaheen’s start up, today combats the largest healthcare problem in the U.S., the obesity epidemic.