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Spencer Trask backed Thomas Edison, whose invention of the light bulb is the very symbol of innovation and the foundation of modern civilization.

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We discover big ideas and transform them into world-changing companies.

Our life-supporting ventures have saved tens of thousands of lives, improved the well-being of millions and created more than $128 billion in market value.

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$1 Billion Startups


Jobs Created

$128 billion

Market Value

Our namesake, Mr. Spencer Trask catapulted us into the modern era by backing the key discoveries behind the electric grid and the entertainment industry.

Spencer Trask, & Co. has continued this legacy, by starting, banking, and building world-changing ventures in every major field — from the internet and artificial intelligence to revolutionary diagnostics and stem cell therapy.

Known for discovering breakthroughs before anyone else, we transform bright ideas into world leading companies.

Illuminating the World

The incandescent light bulb, invented by Thomas Edison, was the impetus for Mr. Spencer Trask to run the first electricity company.

Preventing Disease

The B-cell lymphoma vaccine, developed and tested by our venture with Dr. Jonas Salk, was the basis of the first FDA-approved cell-based immunotherapy.

Lighting Up the Internet

Gordon Gould invented the optical amplifier and his protegee, David Huber, transformed light into the transport vehicle and power of the Internet. 

Saving Lives

The discovery of the breast cancer gene (BRCA) by our venture with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Walter Gilbert saved the lives of thousands of women and launched the genomic revolution.

Pioneering the Stem Cell Revolution

Dr. Arnold Caplan’s venture with Spencer Trask patented, developed and brought to market the world’s first approved allogeneic stem cell drug.

Protecting the Supply Chain

Jennifer Besciglie’s startup became the first supply chain unicorn following its merger with our artificial intelligence platform.


Creating a More Inclusive Financial System

Ryan Feit’s company scaled the entrepreneurial ecosystem with crowdfunding and the most trusted U.S. Dollar stablecoin.

Improving Metabolic Health

Stephanie Shaheen used artificial intelligence and mobile behavior modification to solve the largest healthcare problem in the U.S. — obesity and metabolic syndrome.