Our Legacy

Beginning in 1870, Mr. Trask embarked on a mission to improve the human condition. Trask’s search for like-minded entrepreneurs led to his early discovery of Thomas Edison’s vision to illuminate the world. Realizing the potential to not only transform day-to-day life but the world as they knew it, Mr. Trask joined Edison as an original trustee of the Edison Electric Light Company (now GE) and backed the invention of the world’s first light bulb. Catalyzing the dawn of the modern age, Mr. Trask became president of the first electric company, known as Consolidated Edison, and ignited even more transformational ideas throughout his life.

Illuminating the potential to change the world was the brilliance of Spencer Trask, which led to the transformation of the 20th century. Inspired by his tenacity to nurture and amplify big ideas at their earliest stage, we have built our ethos, methodology and values at the forefront of our life-changing work.

Spencer Trask Today

More than a century later, Spencer Trask & Co. continues to discover the Edisons of today in their earliest stages of innovation, and amplifies their potential into the world-changing ideas of tomorrow. Spencer Trask & Co. has been instrumental in the development of several major technological and scientific breakthroughs in the fields of genomics, healthcare, telecommunications, mobile technology, AI, and open innovation.

If you have a big idea that’s ready to scale to US markets, speak with a member of our Impact Network today.

The Impact Network

Big ideas demand a team of the best and brightest minds. That’s why Spencer Trask was founded: to bring together the best and brightest drivers of global change. Using the fabric of brilliant ideas, we’ve woven a dedicated community that guides, financially supports, and accelerates the world’s best business concepts to succeed.

Our Impact Network leverages the expertise of the world’s most innovative change-makers to amplify the global impact of big ideas into world-changing Missions. From CEOs to science, technology and policy leaders, Impact Advisors refine, expand, and catalyze ideas into a tangible framework for market creation and entry that will illuminate the world for generations to come.

Together, we amplify the ambitious ideas of today into missions that improve the human condition.