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Spencer Trask & Co. attracts maverick entrepreneurs with unorthodox ideas who choose Spencer Trask. We help them build their missions into industry leading enterprises. 

Why Giants Choose Spencer Trask

Nobel prize winner Walter Gilbert on launching the first human genome company

CEO of the world’s first cell phone venture

Bain co-founder George Bennett on starting the evidence-based medicine revolution

Peter Sprague: chairman of the first analog chip company — National Semiconductor — chats about Nolan Bushnell, who launched the video game industry. Trask backed 3 ventures with these two.

Ciena CTO explains the Internet

Dave Huber on the Dawn of the Internet

Leonard Kleinrock, father of the Internet, and Kevin Kimberlin kick off the Internet Anniversary

Investors and Partners

Our ventures have received more than $5 billion in investments from these strategic, institutional, and corporate partners.