We find and foster world-changing visionaries

Spencer Trask & Co. attracts maverick entrepreneurs who have unorthodox ideas. We work with fearless change agents to build their missions by supporting the conception and early-stage development of novel startups—when experience and perseverance matter most—and transform big ideas into industry-leading enterprises. Our prowess for discovering the right startups and breakthrough ideas before anyone else is unmatched, as evidenced by our history of serving as co-founder or first funder to twelve $1 billion startups—which have a collective aggregated peak market cap that exceeds $128 billion.

Why Innovators Choose Spencer Trask

Nobel prize winner Walter Gilbert on launching the first human genome company

CEO of the world’s first cell phone venture

Bain co-founder George Bennett on starting the evidence-based medicine revolution

Peter Sprague, chair and major shareholder of first analog IC venture – NatSemi.  Chats about meeting Trask through Nolan Bushnell, inventor of the video game

Ciena CTO explains the Internet

Dave Huber on the Dawn of the Internet

Leonard Kleinrock, father of the Internet, and Kevin Kimberlin kick off the Internet Anniversary

Investors and Partners

Our ventures have received more than $5 billion in investments from these strategic, institutional, and corporate partners.