Spencer Trask & Co Chairman Kevin Kimberlin Gives Presentation on the Origin of First Pocket Sized Cell Phone

OLD GREENWICH, Conn., PRNewswire/ — Spencer Trask & Co., a privately held advanced technology development firm, today released a presentation that its Chairman Kevin Kimberlin gave in conjunction with this year’s Mobile World Congress Americas event in held San Francisco.

As the new iPhone X was being unveiled in nearby Cupertino, Kevin Kimberlin spoke about “some of the shoulders Steve Jobs stood on” when launching the iPhone, considered by many to be the most popular consumer product ever introduced.

Kimberlin detailed his experience working with Millicom and Jan Stenbeck to make practical two tipping points that launched the smartphone revolution: the pocket-sized portable cellular phone–which set a standard for the shape, form and size of mobile phones for 30 years– and the first cellular network to carry data via text message.

“When I discovered Millicom in 1982 and saw the mocked-up prototype of a consumer-friendly, portable cellular phone, I calculated the market need,” said Kimberlin. “People may not realize that only approximately 8% of the people in the world had a landline telephone in 1982; that’s why I saw the cell phone as the phone for the rest of the world.”

The full video and transcript of Kimberlin’s presentation are available online at

Kimberlin also participated in a panel discussion at Mobile World Congress Americas where he discussed the evolution of mobile technology and the future of IOT.

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