The Affordable Care Act: Twelve Years Later

Photo Credit: Citizen’s Research Council

Empowering the patient increases healthcare quality while cutting costs. A shared decision-making process can help patients understand the risks, benefits, and outcomes of treatment options, clarify their own values and preferences for treatment, prepare for discussions with their physicians, and follow through with those decisions. This approach allows well-informed patients to receive exactly the right amount of healthcare–no more, no less than what they actually need. Dr. Wennberg’s insights and theories provide a clear path to delivering affordable health care to all Americans.

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Immune Response Corporation

Pioneering the vaccine revolution

Developing new vaccines to fight AIDS and cancer

The first FDA-approved cancer vaccine, an immune therapy made from the patient’s own cells.

Polio vaccine hero Dr. Jonas Salk and our Chairman founded The Immune Response Corporation. They recruited the team, attracted $350 million from investors and corporate partners, and developed groundbreaking immune therapies.

IRC technology was key to the first FDA-approved cancer vaccine, sipuleucel-T. More than 40,000 patients have received this prostate cancer therapy, which appears to be more effective in African American men, with a 48% percent reduction in death, compared to white men. The first cell-based immunotherapy, this approval opened the floodgates for immunotherapeutics, today the largest category of pharmaceuticals.