Trensant AI Acquired by Interos Solutions

GREENWICH, Conn./PRNewswire/ — Spencer Trask & Co., an advanced technology development firm, today announced that Interos Solutions, Inc. has acquired the patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform developed by its portfolio venture, Trensant, Inc. Interos provides supply chain risk assessment to major corporations and departments and agencies of the U.S. Federal government.

Trensant AI reads, processes and mines over 85,000 separate sources of data to distill information into a dynamic, live, connected knowledge graph. The system monitors more than 10 million companies, products, people, and events in near real-time. Trensant AI will enhance the ability of Interos to deliver quantitative and qualitative insights into supply chain risk for its customers.

“We enjoyed a strong relationship with Interos as our customer over the past year,” said Manjirnath (Manu) Chatterjee, CEO and Founder of Trensant. “It’s an incredible validation when a customer sees the value so strongly that they acquire the company. Our proprietary, automatic linked knowledge system will give Interos a broad ability to see interconnected supply chain risk in real time across multiple industries.”

“The acquisition of Trensant AI enhances our industry leading capabilities and will deliver additional value to our customers,” said Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO of Interos.

Neil Edwards, Chief Operating Officer of Trensant, connected the two companies. “Spencer Trask brought me into Trensant in 2017 to expand our customer base and monetize the business,” said Edwards. “We had several strategic options with Interos being the clear winner.”

About Spencer Trask & Co.
Spencer Trask & Co. is an advanced technology development firm, helping entrepreneurs, CEOs and corporate partners start and grow high impact ventures. The firm has been instrumental in launching market leaders in artificial intelligence, genomics, healthcare technology, mobile technology, the Internet and open innovation. Please visit for more information.

About Trensant
Founded by experts in physics, artificial intelligence and data science, Trensant is a pioneer in machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence capabilities. The Trensant AI platform makes connections and provides unique insights for its clients.

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